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Today is Monday, Apr 23, 2018

Community Bulletin Board

Policy: In keeping with the mission statement of Colville Family Radio we desire and are obliged to provide community services to the people in our listening area. One of those services includes providing information of church, church school and other community service organization events. These announcements will be individually reviewed by the editorial board at KEIT and if they meet the following criteria they will be considered for airing:

1.) Only church events, church school events and community service events will be announced on this bulletin board.

2.) Information for the announcement must be complete and accurate and include the contact name and phone number of the authorized representative, representing the church, church school or community service event.

3.) Announcements must be presented in a timely manner. They must be received by KEIT at least one week before the requested first airing and at least 2 weeks before the event. They will not be aired more than 2 weeks prior to the event. Announcements will be dropped the day following the event.

4.) No event involving gambling, alcoholic beverages or sexual content will be considered appropriate for airing over Colville Family Radio. (Examples: bingo, Las Vegas Night, keggers, beauty contests, etc.) Other events which are not deemed appropriate will not be aired at the discretion of the KEIT editorial board.

5.) Colville Family Radio will not announce any event that would violate any Biblical principles.

Community Organization:
Authorized Contact Person:
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